I'm just a girl on a journey, the path to balance and happiness comes with hard work and dedication. Everyday brings a new challenge and I'm embracing it with open arms.

I am a paleo eating, crossfitting nurse. I am a very passionate person and nothing anyone can do will ever change that. I am on a path to get stronger both physically and mentally.

SW: 95lbs
CW: 110lbs
GW: 125lbs

Got any questions? Ask away!

16th August 2012


Always show up

Always show up even when everything is telling you to run the other way show up anyway. You never know who is relying on your presence. You never know who is hoping to catch a glimpse of your smile. And you most certainly don’t know who’s life is “incomplete” because your presence has been missing. The most important thing, you’d be surprised how much you grow because you showed up even though all the odds were against you.