I'm just a girl on a journey, the path to balance and happiness comes with hard work and dedication. Everyday brings a new challenge and I'm embracing it with open arms.

I am a paleo eating, crossfitting nurse. I am a very passionate person and nothing anyone can do will ever change that. I am on a path to get stronger both physically and mentally.

SW: 95lbs
CW: 110lbs
GW: 125lbs

Got any questions? Ask away!

18th June 2012



While on vacation in South Beach you know I had to hit up a crossfit box. Luckily for me when we were in South Beach last year we found Reebok Crossfit Miami Beach and it was about a mile away from where we were staying. Naturally, I had full intention of dropping in again while on vacation because I’m an adrenaline, workout junkie and I need my fix!

I wanted to make sure I got there with a good amount of time before the WOD started so I can pay my drop in and take care of whatever needed to be taken care of without holding up the class. I got there 20 minutes before class started. I walked there even though my friends kept telling me to take a cab because it was so far. ( Far? It was less than a mile away, can you tell I was on vacation with people who don’t workout???)

I get there and their desk is behind a closed door. I was very early so I stepped outside until it was a little closer to class time. I wasn’t sure if they were still preparing for their afternoon classes and I didn’t want to be in the way so I waited. People started showing up for class so I made my way back inside. No one greeted me, no one asked if I needed help. Um, ok. I walked over to the coach that I remembered from last year and introduced myself to him and told him I was in last year and wanted to drop in. He said he remembered me and showed me to the office to fill out my waiver and what not.

I walk over to where people were stretching and getting ready to workout. No one was interacting and they could’ve cared less about my new face. So I introduced myself to the people standing near me. They still could’ve cared less. This was totally not what I was accustomed to. Back home we introduce ourselves to new faces, ask them what brought them in, ask them if they’re nervous or excited for what they’re about to endure. We ask them something. We ask them anything. I’m from New Jersey, it’s the perfect opportunity to make jokes. Down in Miami, apparently anyone from New Jersey is from the Jersey Shore. Damn you idiots for ruining it for the rest of us!

Even when warming up for the workout I felt like I was in a classroom. No one was talking. The coach and his assistant coach lead the warm up. The assistant coach was yawning during the warm up. I found it to be hysterical. I’m not saying all boxes have to be like mine, let’s face it, no box will be like my box but my god can people talk to each other at least? We are very inappropriate while warming up and it makes for quite the entertainment. We go from arm rotations to booty talk in about 2.5 seconds. I just couldn’t believe how boring these people were.

It’s WOD time. 3..2…1…GO!! Boring….ZZzzzzZzZ. No real interaction, when they were encouraging, I could barely hear it and they might as well have just gone back into the office because it wasn’t very encouraging. One by one people finished their WOD and disappeared. No encouragement for the other wodders. I’m wondering to myself, where is the community that crossfit prides itself on? I don’t expect what I get at home but I wasn’t expecting nothing either. I took my time and finished last.

Post WOD we had a group stretch and everyone scattered and then left. No “good jobs” amongst each other, no “how did you dos” nothing. This was all unfamiliar. We chatter after the WOD, talk about how it destroyed us and usually get yelled at to keep it down because the next class has started lol. We truly have an amazing community. I looked for the coach and thanked him for letting me visit and left. I wasn’t expecting him to come find me. I just couldn’t believe how robotic everyone and everything was.

I love to visit other boxes because it makes me love mine that much more. The love for my box grows more and more and for that I’m grateful. We are all incredibly caring, funny and inappropriate and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We are like one big, sick, twisted family. But we are FAMILY! I missed my family and I’m so glad to be back.