I'm just a girl on a journey, the path to balance and happiness comes with hard work and dedication. Everyday brings a new challenge and I'm embracing it with open arms.

I am a paleo eating, crossfitting nurse. I am a very passionate person and nothing anyone can do will ever change that. I am on a path to get stronger both physically and mentally.

SW: 95lbs
CW: 110lbs
GW: 125lbs

Got any questions? Ask away!

19th April 2012

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95 pound power clean! Second time I’ve been able to get this weight off the floor

  1. stephintolife said: that looked really easy! bet you could do over 100
  2. tjheint said: Nice! You look to have the same problem I do when I get to heavier weights.. shoot those elbows and those will get easier :)
  3. davidlamb said: Great work!
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