I'm just a girl on a journey, the path to balance and happiness comes with hard work and dedication. Everyday brings a new challenge and I'm embracing it with open arms.

I am a paleo eating, crossfitting nurse. I am a very passionate person and nothing anyone can do will ever change that. I am on a path to get stronger both physically and mentally.

SW: 95lbs
CW: 110lbs
GW: 125lbs

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6th May 2013

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Religion in Today’s Society and Culture

I strongly believe a woman has the right to choose. In some religions the right to choose is a sin and not even an option. In this day and age there are ways to sneak around that without informing your parents. I come from one of those religions. I am a Muslim American and having premarital sex is a sin, and needless to say, having an abortion is as well. There are many other religions that also have these same beliefs. Where do the people of these religions that find themselves in trouble go?

Many people who come from a more religious background go through more extreme measures to access proper healthcare and reproductive rights. They travel farther to see a gynecologist, if they see one at all and if they find themselves pregnant and needing an abortion they are not going anywhere locally. Proper care may be put off while doing research on where to go. There is a constant worry about someone finding out, telling her parents, or of getting caught.

I know many Muslim women who do not see a gynecologist regularly but are very sexually active. They are putting themselves at great risk for unintended pregnancies if they are not using birth control (oral contraceptives, condoms, etc.) They are especially putting themselves at an increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases. Since sex isn’t something that should be done prior to marriage, measures of protection aren’t discussed in the home.

            Out of wedlock pregnancies are a big problem. Given the strictness of the culture and the religion, this can lead to women trying to take measures into their own hands to keep their parents from finding out. I remember skipping school to drive a friend an hour away to have an abortion so her family wouldn’t find out. Women who have to go to that extent may not follow up, as they need to. They just want to get the minimum done to get themselves out of their predicaments. I’ve heard stories of women trying to give themselves an abortion by using a hanger. The health risks of that kind of action are apparent.

            The society we live in is constantly changing. What does that mean for religions that originated and are still based from a different time? Islam originated in the 7th century and the religion hasn’t changed since. Try to imagine what it would be like to live by the rules of the 7th century. Are we cheating today’s youth by enforcing a religion on them from a time generations of their family did not grow up in? Are we imposing expectations that aren’t realistic with the society and culture we are living in?

            Three religions that are pretty comparable are Islam, Judaism and Christianity. All of these religions consider premarital sex a sin. I have a handful of Muslim friends, one of whom I know to be a virgin, is not married. One person still a virgin in a religion where premarital sex is a sin, all others have engaged in premarital sex. I also know many people of other religions who have engaged in premarital sex and it is accepted. They have adapted the behaviors and culture of today’s society. In the religion of Islam, which has not adapted to any changes since the 7th century, the issues of what to do and how to do it surely become an issue. Especially in a society of love, lust, experimenting and peer pressure there are many girls finding themselves in “trouble” because they have steered away from God and their religion.

10th April 2013

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Dripping in Awesome

I sit down to write this blog and I can’t find the words. It’s not that I can’t find them due to writer’s block, I can’t find them because I am left speechless. The heart, determination, success and failures, especially the failures of my athletes have left me speechless. Words can’t even begin to describe how proud I am of each and every single person who competed in the Open and then closed out the Open with Lift 4 Lungs.


You never know how strong you are or what you are fully capable of unless you allow yourself to fail. You don’t have to enjoy that moment of failure, but you do need to grow from it. Open WOD 13.4 was a big one for a quite a few of our girls. Some of you PRd that day and got that weight up over your heads, some PRd and cleaned 95 pounds for the first time, and did it over and over. Those are amazing moments and I was brought to tears. But the best moments are the ones who couldn’t get the weight up (WRONG! She got it up, she just couldn’t get under it!) For 7 minutes I watched my athletes try, try, and try again NEVER giving up on themselves. So you couldn’t clean 95 pounds but you walked away with a valuable lesson. You learned the tools you need to get under the weight (because getting it up isn’t a problem for the girls at Crossfit ACT)

The list goes on and on of all the things we can’t do, toes to bar, chest to bar pull ups, 95 pound power clean, etc. The list of cants is just as important if not more important than the list of cans. If you focus on all the things you can’t do, put all your energy into being better at your weaknesses the list of cans becomes longer as the list of cants becomes shorter. (I know you’re all just going to keep adding to the list of cants and that’s cool as long as you’re willing to work at them)

As if the Open wasn’t enough torture you all made Lift 4 Lungs amazing. For most of you this was the first time you’ve done 3 WODs in one day (fun right?) You came, you competed, you left it all on the mats. You all made me proud, made me proud to be your coach and made me even more proud to be a part of this amazing community. The ACT community that you have all built up. Now it’s on to the next one. Good luck to everyone competing in the Mayhem at the Meadowlands. Coach Shaz will be there to cheer you all on and without a doubt I know you’ll all make me proud!

15th March 2013


4 egg scramble with tomatoes, onions, and avocados. Bacon is already gone

4 egg scramble with tomatoes, onions, and avocados. Bacon is already gone

25th February 2013

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Crossfit Games Open

This one is for all the awesome people I have had great opportunity to coach this year. It’s that time of year to register for the Open and it sparks fear in people. I start hearing “but I cant do snatches” and  “I don’t have pull ups” etc. I know there are things you can’t do but what about all the things you can? Here’s what I tell people: You will be surprised at what you’re actually capable of doing when scaling back is not an option. Many of us do our WODs at weights, bands, and heights we are comfortable with. We never push our limits because we have the option not to.

During the Open we have two options: push our limits and do the WOD as prescribed even if you don’t think you can or let fear take over and not do the WOD at all. I promise that most of you if not all of you by the end of the Open will get through something you didn’t realize you could do. It’s amazing what you can get accomplished when you have no other option, just like it is amazing how strong you really are when being strong is your only option. No offense to any of our members, I think you’re all great athletes with great potential but none of us are making it to the Games but we can continue to grow as athletes. This is a great tool to measure your own progress, measure your own strength and measure your own growth. Take advantage of it. Sign up for the Open and don’t forget to select ACT as your affiliate! It’s time to leave our sweat, blood and tears on the mats beside each other (oh wait, we already do that)

22nd February 2013


Is Anything Really Impossible?

In the present moment an idea could be planted in your head and the first thought that pops into your head is “That will never happen.” Time passes and before you know it, whatever you thought was never going to happen is happening. You are doing what you once thought was impossible. Is anything really impossible? Next time you find yourself saying something is impossible, ask yourself if it really is or are you just not willing to put in the work to make it happen. Our greatest and proudest achievements in life tend to take the hardest work. Always remember that when you expect things to just come to you.

19th February 2013

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Because I'm crazy enough to think I can →

The power of belief is an amazing thing. If you think you can’t do something then more than likely you can’t. If you think you can, it triggers something in your brain to make it happen. Make the impossible possible.

The point of this post is this: Can’t is a big part of people’s vocabulary. People say to remove can’t from your vocabulary. I just choose to use can’t in a different way. I started telling myself this: There’s no reason why I cant do this. This is what I said to myself just before getting my first muscle up and a strict one at that. (I was one arm lock out away from finishing but I got past the hardest part, the transition. Video is attached.) I also said this to myself tonight just before taking my 1 rep max squat snatch and hit it for 45 reps power snatch in a WOD. I told myself that I was crazy enough to get it done and I did.

I’ve been telling people recently to get comfortable in the uncomfortable.  Comfort doesn’t get you stronger, comfort doesn’t make you better, comfort gets you by and getting by is not how I want to live. It’s not supposed to be easy, if it was easy everybody would be doing it. Step out of your comfort zone for yourself. Your self is all that matters at the end of the day.

Side note: Love, love, love my friends for cheering me on while doing this.

13th February 2013

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Speal lives to compete another day! Such an amazing athlete to watch and I hope I can watch him for the third year in a row at the Games!

4th February 2013

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With all the new beasts who have joined our box most recently I figured now would be a good time to post about active rest days (ARD’s) Most drink the crossfit kool-aid, they love it so much they come in everyday. I think that’s awesome, I did it myself when I first started almost 3 years ago now. Here’s the thing, REST DAYS ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS WORKING OUT! You need to rest, give your body time to recover and build muscle thanks to all that hard work you do.

I know there are stubborn people who will not take rest days and like to push themselves until their body physically will not allow them to WOD. I know there are people who have proudly lost so much weight and they think if they take a day off from wodding they are being “lazy”. Wodding while fatigued is a very easy way to get hurt. If you really insist on not taking a rest day there’s what we call an active rest day. An active rest day is where you would come in and do half of whatever the wod is, whether that means 3 rounds instead of 6, or a 10 min amrap instead of 20, or lightening up the load as opposed to going heavy. As I said before, if you’re wodding when you’re body is telling you to rest it’s an easy way to injure yourself. Take the rest day, if not, take an active rest day. There’s no shame in going easy, you’re still working out harder than most anyway, you’re working out more than most, period.

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31st January 2013

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This is what happens when you attempt muscle ups with a false grip in a wod. It’s cool, I didn’t need that layer of skin anyway

This is what happens when you attempt muscle ups with a false grip in a wod. It’s cool, I didn’t need that layer of skin anyway

25th January 2013

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A Good Coach

A good coach doesn’t need to brag about the things they do for their clients. Good coaching shines through when the client moves well. Good coaching shows when the client brags about their PR’s or their increased comfort with a movement. Trust me, when you coach someone to be better they’re going to acknowledge it. If they don’t it’s not a big deal because at the end of the day they put in the hard work and you gave them a few simple cues. They got that weight off the ground, not you. If credit, acknowledgment and praise is what you’re looking for, then you probably aren’t coaching for the right reasons. Your coaching isn’t coming from the heart. A good coach knows they’re a good coach when the client is moving better by the end of class than they were in the beginning. A good coach coaches from the heart every time.